TWEEKED is the story of Carrie and Michelle, whose friendship disintegrates as they careen into a methamphetamine frenzy.

All seems like fun and games for party girls Carrie and Michelle until Carrie’s roomate Rikki shoots himself during a drug induced depression. This event catapults Michelle into hysteria and she shoots the local drug dealer, blaming him for the loss of her love obsession.

The girls then flee town after falsely imagining that the drug dealer has sent his henchman to get them. On the road, Michelle s sexual escapades wreak havoc and her hallucinations become more vivid as she slides into a drug induced psychosis. Carrie’s patience is tested as Michelle becomes more unmanageable, and she is relieved to meet Shawn, a normal guy, who helps her to see the truth about their predicament.

Michelle goes completely crazy and disappears into the night, putting her life in danger. Carrie ends up in jail. Shawn bails her out and they go in search of Michelle. When they finally find her, there is only one thing Carrie can do...
Beth Dewey

Darling Narita
and Ali Raymer

Running Time
86 min.