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The outrageous director of "AUDITION" and

The 'V-Cinema' (Direct to Video) boom of the early 90s was to be his break into directing his own films, as newly formed companies hired cheap young film makers to crank out low budget action movies. Miike's first theatrically distributed film was the 1995 'Shinjuku Triad Society', and from then on he alternated V-Cinema films with higher budgeted pictures. His international breakthrough came with 1999's 'Audition' and Miike has an ever expanding cult following in the west. A notoriously prolific director Miike has directed (at time of writing) 60+ films in his 13 years as director, known for their explicit and taboo representations of violence and sex in films.


Yakuza Demon
White-Collar Worker KINTARO

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