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"A small gem! Provocative!"
- The Village Voice
The first Iraqi film to enter the world in over 15 years.

The Man From The Reeds

“Zaman” is a sweet and sad story about love and devotion, hope and fear. Zaman (Sami Kaftan), and his wife, Najma (Shatha Salim), have built their happy life together in their house of reeds and, though childless, adopted a boy, Yacine (Hussein Imad), orphaned by the 1991 Gulf War. They have lived a quiet, contented existence until Najma falls ill. The local doctor tells them she needs surgery or some special medicine he does not have. And so Zaman sets off in his small boat and journeys up the Tigris to Baghdad in search of the precious cure. Thus begins the journey of salvation and discovery for “Zaman, the Man from the Reeds.”

CAT# PH-91369 - $24.98

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